About This Site

The Social Media Firehose™ is an experimental profile aggregator by Census Data Research Online. We apply our 5+ years of experience in collecting and analyzing name-based trends in the U.S. in order to gain insights into "who's posting what" in social media.

While we do not provide details about individual profile postings due to privacy reasons, we make aggregate data available to our clients for the purposes of targeting and demographics. We also provide links to third-party sites which may contain additional details about individual profiles.

The results shown on this site represent daily snapshots "by the minute" of publicly-visible profiles which have chosen to make their posts public. We gather this data and use our proprietary "big data" search heuristics to make projections about related activities for that profile.

Who We Are

Census Data Research Online is a private research organization which analyzes and catalogs public demographic data for the purpose of aiding individuals in researching name-based trends and genealogy. We provide this site as a free tool to make a portion of this data publicly available. We are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or connected with the U.S. Census Bureau or any other government agency in any way.


What We Provide

Census Data Research Online provides aggregate demographic data available as of the most recent year on file.

Although a full U.S. census is conducted only once every 10 years, this information is updated yearly using projected population growth estimates, housing density data, and other factors. As such, the data provided by this site is approximate in nature and should therefore be used purely for informational or aggregate purposes.

Advertisements On This Site

Census Data Research Online may provide certain targeted advertisements from third-party sponsors. We may also provide links to third-party sites which provide additional services related to searching publicly available demographic records and/or the identification and location of individuals by interested parties.

These advertisements and/or links do not construe an endorsement by Census Data Research Online. We do not control these sites and we are not liable for their content.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.