Our Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Privacy

The Social Media Firehose™ respects your privacy. We do not store any personally identifiable data for individuals. We only store aggregate data, such as trends within the general population for certain names.

We do link to third-party sites which provide publicly-available information for certain individuals, usually for a fee.

Information Removal / Opt-Out

If you would like your information removed from one of the sites we link to, you must contact those sites directly. The Social Media Firehose™ is only a search engine which links name combinations to third-party websites.

Following are the websites we currently partner with, with a link to their privacy policy and opt-out (record removal) information:

Third-Party Privacy Protection Services

To track and control what public information is available via third-party search engines we recommend the PeopleSmart IdentitySmart service.


Q: How did you get my information?

A: This site does not store or display any personal information. We simply use national aggregate data based on average first and last name frequencies to derive various facts about the population at large. We function only as a search engine to send visitors to third-party sites which are likely to store this data. See our About page for more information about us.

Q: I want my information removed! How do I remove it?

A: Other than linking to third-party sites, we have no affiliation with those sites and have no means to get them to remove this data. You must contact those sites directly, using the links provided above.

Q: How can you say you don't store my information when my name is clearly shown on your site?

A: Our site simply combines every combination of first and last name reported in the United States. Even though this results in many thousands of possible combinations, your first and last name is one of those combinations.

Q: But I found this website by searching for my name and I want it removed, how do I remove my name page completely?

A: We are a name search engine used by various parties to perform background checks for legitimate purposes such as employment screening, child care, criminal records etc. Asking us to remove your name would be like asking a search engine for used cars to remove all red Ford Mustangs because you drive a red Ford Mustang and want to keep it secret. You are not the only person in the U.S. with this combination of first and last name, so removing that entry would make our database incomplete and disservice our users. We therefore do not remove any names from our database.

Q: I don't want to have to contact those sites, isn't there a way I can remove from all of them?

A: Sorry, due to the nature of this information it is not possible to remove it from all websites. This information is publicly available in county courthouse records, birth/marriage/death certificates, phone books, etc. The third-party websites simply combine all this information and we have no way to get them to remove it.

Q: I have a legal reason to hide/protect my identiy / this information is about a minor / etc., how do I remove it?

A: This site has been reviewed by our lawyers who have verified that the information contained is not personally identifiable information and therefore does not fall under legal jurisdiction for information removal/privacy purposes. If you have questions about this matter, please speak with your attorney and/or contact the third-party sites which store your information.